The Michigan State University Dean’s Council is working on strategic initiatives that advance the mission and values on campus and in our community. This work represents a commitment, on behalf of MSU’s academic units, to a comprehensive plan to move our institution forward – a plan that includes both actions and accountability. Most importantly, it represents the fidelity of the academic leadership of MSU to a set of values that creates an environment in which each of us – all of us – can do our best work.

Our role is to partner with leaders throughout the university community now and into the future to effect positive change in MSU’s culture, organization, and operation. As the academic leaders of MSU, and as a group, we have committed to the following values:

Our Values

Hands making an open gesture
To create a culture that is transparent, open, trusting, and safe
Cupped hand with heart above it
To cultivate caring and accountable leadership
One hand holding another
To empower everyone to be engaged in a community that is inclusive and equitable