Michigan State University

Dear College of Education Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Friends,

The statements from Nassar’s victims have been heart-wrenching. I can barely imagine the ways that they and their families have suffered, and continue to suffer.

I admire the bravery the women showed in speaking out, and only wish that their voices had been heard and heeded much sooner. As educators, we have a special responsibility for creating environments where people feel empowered to speak, and those in positions of power are ready to listen. We also need to ensure the safety of the students in our programs.

As our university leadership changes, priority must be given to making changes to our university culture that will support speaking out and listening. Rebuilding trust will take time. Open communication will be crucial. I am committed to both.

For those who want to reach me, my email address is floden@msu.edu.  I will find time for a phone call or meeting.

Robert Floden
Dean, College of Education

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