Michigan State University

Dear College of Engineering students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends,

I am deeply saddened by the pain caused to the victims and their families by Larry Nassar, and honor their bravery in coming forward. It is extremely distressing that such criminal abuse could occur within our community at the hands of a person trusted by his patients, his colleagues, and the community at large. I resolve to do everything possible to not let this, or anything like it, ever happen again, and I ask you to join me in this resolution.

Trust in the institution has been substantially weakened. President Simon has resigned and there will be changes at MSU. We need to come together, and make the necessary changes to protect all members of our community, and restore trust. I believe that this should start with strengthening transparency and accountability.

This will require a lot of thoughtful dialogue. In addition, my door is always open to anyone from our community who wants to talk.

Leo Kempel
Dean, College of Engineering

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