College of Natural Science

Interim Dean Cheryl Sisk I am profoundly saddened and heart-broken by the harm and suffering inflicted on the survivors by the despicable actions of Larry Nassar. I can only imagine the pain that the survivors and their families have endured and continue to experience.  We all feel the shock, disbelief, shame and sorrow in coming to grips with the fact that something this horrendous and of this scope happened within our community. Out of the recent whirlwind of survivor impact statements, the Nassar sentencing and the resignation of President Simon, comes a critical juncture and opportunity for change at Michigan State University.

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College of Nursing

Dean Randolph F. R. Rasch I wrote this letter in response to the courageous survivor impact statements, the tragic events that occurred at the hands of Larry Nassar, the resignation of President Simon, and this pivotal time of change at Michigan State and the College of Nursing. The students, faculty, and staff in the College of Nursing are heartbroken for the many people affected. We are shaken to the core and profoundly saddened. As a College of Nursing, we have a responsibility to every individual in our College, the community, and those we come in contact with during our work. The survivor’s stories change us, and we continue to draw strength from their courage. They are inspiring us to do better, to look inward and influence cultural and organizational change while advocating for the best health outcomes. We are listening, we are sorry, and we are committed to championing change.

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College of Social Science

Dean Rachel T.A. Croson This has been a devastating and emotional month for all of us in the College of Social Sciences and the MSU community as we come to grips with the horrible abuses committed by Larry Nassar, the heart-wrenching testimony of the survivors and the real and severe consequences of his actions against them. MSU as an institution failed both the survivors and our community. As a Spartan, I am saddened beyond words. I admire the bravery these survivors showed in bringing justice to this evil man. Their actions empowered a movement and other survivors to speak out in the future.

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Undergrad Education

Associate Provost R. Sekhar Chivukula Honoring the survivors of sexual assault requires that we make the institutional changes needed to support victims and that we change the climate at MSU to reduce the incidence of these crimes. It has been just over a month since the powerful survivor impact statements in Ingham County Court and, while we are now working to protect our campus infrastructure from the flooding Red Cedar River, the work on campus to improve MSU culture is just beginning. Groups from across MSU have begun to reflect, connect, and support one another. Academic leaders, including deans Rachel Croson, Chris Long, Prabu David, Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, Sanjay Gupta, Cheryl Sisk, and Ron Hendrick, have written of the need of our community to come together and to listen to the voices of the survivors and to one another.

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